Photo Pro Desktop

Powered by Latest Generation AMD RYZEN 5 5600X Powerful Processor comes with 6 Cores, 12 Threads, and Clocks up to 4.6 GHz with 32MB Cache which helps Adobe Applications to work smoothly without any hesitation. You can feel the Powerful Processing in Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom.

Cooled by Noiseless Cooler Master Hyper Series Air Cooler. Powered by 4 Heat Pipes with Direct Contact Technology. This Noiseless Fan Design Enhances your Editing Experience without any Disturbance. This cooling technology enables your Powerful Processor to achieve higher clock speeds to work faster ever before.

Powerful Editing Desktop PC requires lots of RAM to work freely. This Desktop PC comes with Dual Channel 16GB of RAM at 3200MHz. We all know upgrade option is the only solution to solve RAM requirement. Yes this Desktop PC is upgradable up to 64GB of RAM as per requirement.

Powerful Processor requires Powerful SSD to feed the CPU Data Requirement. Samsung 980 NVME SSD delivers Data at the Speed your PC needs. It delivers up to 3500 MB/s. This finest SSD delivers the speed always required. It gives you the feeling of using a massive workstation Desktop PC without any lag.

Storage often changes as per requirement. Yes this massive Desktop PC comes with two options to choose from. 2TB and 4TB Hard Drive Variants Available.

Powered by AMD Radeon 500 Series Extreme Performance GPU. Clocks up to 1287 MHz which delivers feel good experience to work with. 2GB VRAM Delivers fluid work flow to perform powerful tasks easier. This Graphic Processing Unit comes with 4K HDMI Support.

Components Bridge powered by AMD B550 Chipset ASUS Motherboard. You can connect seamlessly through 1G LAN, Wi-Fi 6 AX200, and Bluetooth 5.1 and Six High Speed USB Ports.

This Beautiful Enclosure comes with better air flow design to keep your components cool and safe. This premium enclosure covers a side by tempered glass panel which allows you to see your beautiful workstation components. Also this case allows you to add additional storage as you need. We also attached Truepower power supply to this case which delivers the required power for your powerful components to work at peak power.

Tech Specs:

Processor: AMD RYZEN 5 5600X


Components Bridge: ASUS B550 CHIPSET

RAM: CORSAIR 16GB Dual Channel 3200MHz


Storage 1: SAMSUNG 980 500GB NVME

Storage 2: 2TB or 4TB Hard Disk Drive

Enclosure: Premium Metal Case with Tempered Glass