Which Processor is Best? INTEL vs AMD?

Both processor are better in its own way. Each platform has its own pros and cons. For example, INTEL excels in ADOBE Applications whereas AMD excels in CPU Rendering Applications (Only CPU Rendering, Not GPU Rendering). Which means there is some slight difference only between those, you can use both platform for all applications.

May I install different brand RAM with Same Frequency?

Yes, But chances of errors are there. Installing same brand with same frequency & same model is recommended. If same not available, Yes you can install different brand with same or different frequency. 

May I install RAM with different frequency in my PC?

Yes, It will work. Your PC will work on the lowest RAM frequency installed. For Example, if you install 3200MHz & 3000MHz in same motherboard both RAM will work on 3000MHz frequency only. Installing same brand with same frequency & same model is recommended.

RAM will improve my PC Speed or Not?

Requirement of RAM depends on your work load only. If RAM is not enough, Yes your PC may experience slowness. Also higher the RAM will not improve your PC speed. For Example, You have a PC with 16GB of RAM & a PC with 32GB of RAM and your work load needs only 10-14GB of RAM. Both PC will perform SAME. 

Stock Cooler vs Aftermarket Cooler, Which is Better?

It Depends on your Budget. Both are good, Aftermarket Cooler performs better than Stock Cooler if its a good one. Basic Aftermarket cooler also available in market which is not better than INTEL & AMD Stock Cooler. Good cooler improves processor clock speed & improves processor life way better. Good Aftermarket cooler is always recommended for all processors if you have budget. Its a one time investment when you buy a new PC. 

Example: ID COOLING SE-214-XT ARGB Cooler is better than all currently available INTEL & AMD Stock Coolers.

Crucial (Without Heat Sink) vs Corsair (With Heat Sink) RAM, Which is Better?

Both RAM Brands are better than other available brands now, Failure ratio of both brands are lower than other brands and after sales support of both brands are very good.

CRUCIAL (Without Heat Sink): This RAM will work at 3200MHz in Default Settings, No need to over clock it. Very less amount of heat will be generated, That's why heat sink is not required for this RAM. PC will work on very stable conditions than PC with RAM needs overclocking to attain full frequency. Recommended RAM.

Corsair (With Heat Sink): This RAM needs overclocking to attain full frequency. PC may get unstable due to overclocking of RAM at some conditions. The advantage is it will perform better than other RAM when overclocking but you have to deal with stability issues with your PC like blue screen errors. 

AMD Processors Generate Too Much Heat ?

No, Its a Old Story. RYZEN series is perfect in handling temps. 

PC Cleaning is Must or Not ?

Keeping the PC in a dust free and moisture free space is better than cleaning the PC often. PC cleaning is not mandatory but if you like to clean your PC, Yes you can do it with proper knowledge. Cleaning the PC once in 6 months is recommended. Frequent cleaning of PC is not recommended.